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    Find the Breast Cancer Facts You're Looking for with These Resources

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    Facing breast cancer is challenging, but help is at hand. Explore these links to arm yourself with information that will help you understand your breast cancer risk and how to deal with the disease if you have been diagnosed. For expert breast cancer treatment, make an appointment with Marla W. Dudak, MD. Dr. Dudak is a breast cancer specialist who can help you cope with all aspects of your disease. To set up an appointment today, call us at (888) 418-6759.

    Get tips from for eating when you are nauseous due to breast cancer treatment. offers advice for maintaining good nutrition during breast cancer treatment in this article.

    Discover the truth behind 10 common breast cancer myths with the help of this information from Johns Hopkins.

    Get the facts about having children after breast cancer with this fact sheet from Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

    This Everyday Health slideshow covers ways in which you can reduce your breast cancer risk.

    Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

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    Every man and woman is at risk for breast cancer, and it’s impossible to prevent this disease completely. However, you have more ability to control your breast cancer risk than you may think. Here are some things you can do to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer:

    Control Your Weight

    There is evidence of a strong link between obesity and breast cancer. Women who weigh around 132 pounds have a 25% lower chance of getting breast cancer than women over 175 pounds. When you lose weight, your breast cancer risk declines with the number on the scale.

    Being overweight also increases your risk of dying from breast cancer, since it is often diagnosed at a later stage in obese women than in women of normal weight.

    Avoid Excessive Drinking

    You may have heard that red wine is good for your heart, but drinking is not good for your cancer risk. The National Institutes of Health counts alcohol as a “known human carcinogen.” Every drink increases your risk. For women, drinking between two and five drinks per day more than doubles the risk of getting breast cancer.

    Proceed with Caution with Hormone Therapy

    Breast cancer and estrogen are linked. That is why women with a high risk of developing breast cancer are often prescribed estrogen-suppressing drugs like tamoxifen. Hormone replacement therapy can play an important role for some women as they cope with the symptoms of menopause. However, replacement hormones are not right for everyone, and no woman should take them for longer than she needs them. Most women should not take hormone replacement therapy for more than five years.

    Prevention is one of the most powerful tools doctors and patients have in battling breast cancer. If you’re concerned about your breast cancer risk, talk to Marla W. Dudak, MD. Dr. Dudak specializes in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of breast cancer. Call (888) 418-6759 to make an appointment for breast cancer screening and to discuss the best ways for you to reduce your risks.

    Have a Wonderful New Year's Day!

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    Breast Cancer: Five Tips to Reduce the Risks

    Last updated 1 year ago

    It’s not possible to completely prevent breast cancer, but there are many things you can do to control your risk. Since one in eight women will get breast cancer, it’s crucial that you take all the steps you can to keep cancer at bay.

    This video offers five tips to lower your cancer risk. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, exercising, limiting yourself to one drink per day, and getting regular mammograms after 40 will all help you battle breast cancer.

    For even more help understanding your breast cancer risk and staying healthy, call Marla W. Dudak, MD. Make an appointment at our Boca Raton breast cancer treatment clinic by calling (888) 418-6759.

    Enjoy the Holidays!

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