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How to Determine If Breast Changes Are Normal or Irregular

Last updated 2 years ago

If you notice changes in your breasts, it’s important to ensure you don’t have breast cancer. Dr. Marla W. Dudak's office in Boca Raton is equipped with the knowledge and technology necessary to help you understand the changes you’re experiencing. If you’re concerned about changes in your breasts, see a breast cancer care provider immediately.

What Changes May Occur

  • Lumpiness: There are a number of conditions that can cause lumps to form in the breast. Breast cancer lumps are irregularly shaped and feel pebbly on the surface. If you feel a lump that may fit this description, have it checked out at a breast cancer care provider.
  • Nipple Discharge: Discharge can be caused by a number of factors. If you notice any discharge and are not pregnant or breastfeeding, you should visit your doctor right away.
  • Tenderness, Firmness, or Swelling: If these symptoms are not associated with your menstrual period or pregnancy, there could be any number of health issues occurring. Explain your symptoms to your breast cancer care doctor to determine what steps should be taken.

When Changes May Occur

  • With Age: It’s common for young and old women’s breasts to go through changes. Young women’s breast tissue is dense, and as it grows less dense, lumps and changes in firmness may occur. If you are nearing or in menopause, your hormones are changing. This can lead to breast tenderness and increased lumpiness in the tissue.
  • During Pregnancy: During pregnancy, breasts are developing milk glands, leading to lumpiness and tenderness. During breastfeeding, a condition called mastitis can make breasts appear red and feel lumpy, warm, and tender. While this condition may require antibiotics, it is not a sign of cancer.
  • When Menstruating: During your menstrual cycle, your breasts may feel tender and swollen or even develop lumps due to fluid retention. If these conditions go away with the end of your cycle, they should not cause concern.

If you notice irregular changes in your breasts, call the Boca Raton breast cancer care office of Marla W. Dudak, MD at (888) 418-6759 to set up an appointment.


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