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What Are the Treatment Options for Fibroadenoma?

Last updated 2 years ago

A fibroadenoma is a small, round bump in the breast tissue that is non-cancerous and often occurs without symptoms. Most fibroadenomas are less than two inches in diameter, but they can be a concern for women performing breast self-exams at home. If you do identify a growth of this nature, be aware that it is likely harmless to your health but should be brought to the attention of a doctor who can diagnose the lump. Below are the steps your doctor will take to monitor and treat the growth.

  • Medical imaging: Mammography is the standard imaging technique for breast tissue, but it can produce hard-to-read results in younger women, who tend to have denser breast tissue. Therefore, women under the age of 30 may be evaluated using ultrasound imaging. In either case, the test will show the exact size and location of the lump.
  • Needle biopsy: To evaluate whether the growth is non-cancerous, a biopsy will be performed using a long needle to obtain sample tissue. The sample is then tested in the lab for cancerous cells.
  • Surgery: Even though fibroadenomas do not present a serious medical problem, many women choose to have them surgically removed to reduce their anxiety. Surgery is also recommended if the results of the imaging or biopsy are abnormal.
  • Non-surgical treatment: Some fibroadenomas go away on their own, so surgery can be reserved for a later treatment or rendered unnecessary. If surgery is not selected as primary treatment, the growth will be monitored during follow-up visits to the doctor so any changes in size can be addressed.

To find out which method of fibroadenoma treatment is right for you, schedule a consultation at the office of Dr. Marla W. Dudak. Our practice is solely focused on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and related issues. Contact us on our website or call (888) 418-6759 for more information.


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